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Date Event
2023/09/1609/16/2023 NAMIWalks Greater Mississippi Valley, Bend XPO Ampitheatre - East Moline, IL
2023/09/1609/16/2023 NAMIWalks Michigan, Wayne State University - Detroit, MI
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Jacksonville, Winston Family YMCA - Jacksonville, FL
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Greater Cleveland, Edgewater Park - Cleveland, OH
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Montgomery County OH, RiverScape MetroPark - Dayton, OH
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Northern Virginia, George Mason University - Fairfax, VA
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Southeast Minnesota, Rochester Silver Lake Park West - Rochester, MN
2023/09/2309/23/2023 NAMIWalks Minnesota, Minnehaha Falls Regional Park - Minneapolis, MN
2023/09/2409/24/2023 NAMIWalks Missoula, Silver Park - Missoula, MT
2023/09/2409/24/2023 NAMIWalks Montana, Memorial Park - Helena, MT
2023/09/3009/30/2023 NAMIWalks Central Texas, Long Center for the Performing Arts - Austin, TX
2023/09/3009/30/2023 NAMIWalks Geauga County, Chardon Square - Chardon, OH
2023/09/3009/30/2023 NAMIWalks Iowa, Terra Park in Johnston - Johnston, IA
2023/10/0110/01/2023 NAMIWalks Keystone PA, Monroeville Community Park West - Monroeville, PA
2023/10/0110/01/2023 NAMIWalks New Hampshire, Soccer Fields on S. Fruit Street - Concord, NH
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Broward County, NOVA Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale, FL
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Greater Indianapolis, Opti-Park - Indianapolis, IN
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Greater San Antonio, San Antonio Zoo - San Antonio, TX
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Sarasota and Manatee, Payne Park - Sarasota, FL
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Charleston Area, Palmetto Islands County Park - Mt. Pleasant, SC
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Lake County, OH, Mentor Amphitheater - Civic Center Park - Mentor, OH
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Mississippi, Mississippi State Capitol - Jackson, MS
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Northern Kentucky, Gil Lynn Park - Dayton, KY
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Piedmont Tri-County, Cherry Park - Rock Hill, SC
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Zoo - Milwaukee, WI
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Tarrant County, Trinity Park Pavilion #1 - Fort Worth, TX
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Virginia, Collegiate School, Robins Campus - Richmond, VA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Acadiana, Teurlings Catholic High School - Lafayette, LA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Capital Region NY, Washington Park - Albany, NY
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Lexington, BCTC Newtown Campus - Lexington, KY
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Maine, Capitol Park - Augusta, ME
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Philly, Friends Hospital - Philadelphia, PA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Pine Belt, Kamper Park & Zoo Pavilion - Hattiesburg, MS
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Rhode Island, Roger Williams Park - Providence, RI
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Vicksburg, Vicksburg Mall - Vicksburg, MS
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Cook County North Suburban, Gallery Park at The Glenview Park - Glenview, IL
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Colorado Springs, Panorama Park - Colorado Springs, CO
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Rock, Riverside Park - Beloit, WI
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Ruston, R.L. Cook Park - Ruston, LA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Silicon Valley, History Park of San Jose - San Jose, CA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Dane County, Olin-Turville Park - Madison, WI
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Far North Idaho, North Idaho Animal Hospital - Sandpoint, ID
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Kern County, Yokuts Park - Bakersfield, CA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Marin, McInnis Park - San Rafael, CA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Ventura County, Ventura County Government Center - Ventura, CA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Wisconsin, Kiwanis Park - Sheboygan, WI
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Chicago, Jackson Park Chicago - Chicago, IL
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Alameda County South, Lake Elizabeth, Fremont Central Park - Fremont, CA
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Nevada, Carson City, at Fuji Park - Elko, Las Vegas, Reno, & Carson City, NV
2023/10/0710/07/2023 NAMIWalks Sonoma County, Howarth Park - Santa Rosa, CA
2023/10/0810/08/2023 NAMIWalks Yolo County, Woodland Community College - Woodland, CA
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Summit County, University of Akron - Akron, OH
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Georgia, Liberty Plaza - Atlanta, GA
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Hernando, Tom Varn Park - Brooksville, FL
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Butler County, Fitton Center for Creative Arts - Hamilton, OH
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks El Paso, Ascarate Park - El Paso, TX
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Fox Valley, Fox Cities Stadium - Appleton, WI
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Grand Rapids, Davenport University - Grand Rapids, MI
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Greater Kansas City, Macken Park - North Kansas City,, MO
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks New Jersey, Middlesex County College - Edison, NJ
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Coachella Valley, Palm Desert Civic Center Park - Palm Desert, CA
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks San Mateo County, Seal Point Park - San Mateo, CA
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Hawaii, Honolulu Hale - Honolulu, HI
2023/10/1410/14/2023 NAMIWalks Big Island, Lili'uokalani Gardens - Hilo, HI
2023/10/2110/21/2023 NAMIWalks Kane-south, DeKalb and Kendall Counties, Peg Bond Center Pavilion - Batavia, IL
2023/10/2110/21/2023 NAMIWalks Oxford, The Cirlce @ Ole Miss - Oxford, MS
2023/10/2110/21/2023 NAMIWalks Evansville, Wesselman Woods/Wesselman Park - Evansville, IN
2023/10/2110/21/2023 NAMIWalks Valley of the Sun, Circle K Property - Warner Crossing - Tempe, AZ
2023/10/2210/22/2023 NAMIWalks South Central Indiana, Donner Center - Columbus, IN
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks Hillsborough, University of South Florida - Tampa, FL
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks Charlotte, Park Road Park - Charlotte, NC
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks Four Rivers, Downtown Natchez Gazebo - Natchez,, MS
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks West Central Indiana, Riehle Plaza - Lafayette, IN
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks Lowcountry, Beach House Resort - Hilton Head Island, SC
2023/10/2810/28/2023 NAMIWalks New Orleans, La Freniere Park - Metairie, LA
2023/10/2910/29/2023 NAMIWalks Indiana, Switchyard Park - Bloomington, IN
2023/11/0411/04/2023 NAMIWalks Palm Beach County, Eric Call Pavilion at John Prince Park - Lake Worth, FL
2023/11/0411/04/2023 NAMIWalks Inland Empire, Diamond Valley Lake Marina - Hemet, CA

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