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NAMIWalks. NAMIGives. NAMICelebrates.

And NAMIUnites, team by amazing team.

We are taking an important step on the path to hope. We are making a powerful difference. A necessary one. Changing lives. Together, we are NAMIWalks.
Yunex Traffic, the YuMatter ERG and YuCommunity invite you to join us in support of the missions of NAMI. Through its ESG goals, Yunex Traffic installs a commitment to the wellness of our planet and its inhabitants. It is the people of the world that we seek to help – whether by mobility innovation or community involvement.
The Yunex Traffic National Team for NAMIWalks is nothing less than NAMI’s power source— supporting NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, as we advance emphatically on “Mental Health for All.”
Yunex Traffic supports NAMIWalks. NAMIWalks supports NAMI. And NAMI supports the community in ways that maybe we can only imagine and be inspired by:
  • A neighbor finds community thanks to a NAMI support group

  • A dad finds resources for his daughter from a NAMI education program. 

  • A friend in need discovers NAMI’s Teen & Young Adult HelpLine.

Our presence counts. It will make a difference.

Together, we are NAMIWalks.

Mental health
affects everyone.

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