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“I am NAMIWalks.” 


Listen for these three words as summer ends and our annual harvest of hope begins with our fall NAMIWalks. 


Connection is one of the major components of mental health. That’s why we’re confident that on October 5, 2024, the Fall United Day of Hope will make us all feel, from one end of America to the other, the true power of togetherness. 


On this day, we invite you to take powerful steps with us toward “Mental Health for All.” Whether you’re a proud participant or a dedicated donor, this is your chance to let the world know that you support NAMI and everything they do to promote your community’s mental health.


Choose your NAMIWalks event below – or click here for a full list of 2024 NAMIWalks. Help us keep NAMI going strong — with its powerful commitment to free local programs and support, community building, advocacy and awareness.

NAMIWalks on October 5: A United Day of Hope


NAMIWalks Alameda County South

NAMIWalks Kern County

NAMIWalks Marin County

NAMIWalks San Mateo

NAMIWalks Silicon Valley


NAMIWalks Broward County

NAMIWalks Sarasota and Manatee Counties

NAMIWalks Treasure Coast


NAMIWalks Chicago

NAMIWalks McHenry County

NAMIWalks Kane South, Dekalb, and Kendall Counties


NAMIWalks Greater Indianapolis


NAMIWalks Acadiana

NAMIWalks Ruston


NAMIWalks Mississippi

New Jersey

NAMIWalkNew Jersey

New York

NAMIWalks Capital Region


NAMIWalks Stark County

NAMIWalks Athens

South Carolina

NAMIWalks Charleston Area

NAMIWalks Piedmont Tri-County


NAMIWalks Tarrant County


NAMIWalks Northern Virginia


NAMIWalks Chippewa Valley

NAMIWalks Dane County

NAMIWalks Fox Valley

NAMIWalkd Rock

NAMIWalks Southeast Wisconsin

NAMIWalks Wisconsin


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