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NAMIWalks. NAMIGives. NAMICelebrates.

And NAMIUnites, team by amazing team. 

We are taking an important step on the path to hope. We are making a powerful difference. A necessary one. Changing lives. Together, we are NAMIWalks. 
Prime Therapeutics/Magellan RX is committed to reimagining pharmacy to provide the same care we want for our loved ones. We are a passionate team dedicated to making a difference in our community and supporting powerful organizations, like National Alliance on Mental Illness and NAMIWalks.

Our National Team for NAMIWalks is nothing less than NAMI's power source - supporting NAMI's free, top-rated programs, as we advance emphatically on "Mental Health for All."

Team Prime/MRx supports NAMIWalks. NAMIWalks supports NAMI. And NAMI supports the community in ways that maybe we can only imagine and be inspired by: 
  • A neighbor finds community thanks to a NAMI support group. 
  • A dad finds resources for his daughter from a NAMI education program. 
  • A friend in need discovers NAMI's Teen & Young Adult HelpLine. 
Our presence counts. It will make a difference.

Together, we are NAMIWalks.

Mental health
affects everyone.

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