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   We’re here for you — as you are there for your families, neighbors, and selves. Many areas are turning       the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, while much of the nation still battles the challenges this virus         presents. Check out the NAMI website for updates and a COVID-19 Information and Resource Guide         that answers frequently asked questions our community may have during this time. 

Every step is in the right direction — when we all join forces to raise money and awareness for mental illness. We are still having 120 NAMIWalks events across the country this year — we’re not canceling any  we wouldn’t think of it when our collective mental health needs are at their greatest. NAMI’s programs and advocacy are needed more than ever.

Whether you’re “walking” in a virtual NAMIWalks Your Way on May 30 or whenever your local NAMIWalks is hitting the streets, it’s simpler than ever to join us for Mental Health For All in these uncertain times! Funds stay local; the awareness is felt globally.

As NAMIWalks participants, we will be role models for the cause of unity and commitment, bringing millions of people that much closer to their best mental health, and toward awareness of what we, NAMI, are able to do.

On May 30, we will be joined by many NAMIWalks sites across the country in a day of solidarity and awareness. The day itself will be called Mental Health for All: A National Day of Hope. 

Please reach out to your local Walk Manager with any questions. You can find your local walk webpage, including the local Walk Manager's contact information here: FIND A WALK


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