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NAMIWalks National Team Program

Now is the ideal time to partner with NAMIWalks and become part of a powerful, life-changing movement. Form a NAMIWalks Team in the way on you and your colleagues can do. What makes your corporation or organization unique is the same energy that will move us toward our goal of Mental Health for All. 

Our NAMIWalks National Team Program allows corporations and organizations that have locations across North America to participate in multiple NAMIWalks events as a unified company.

Mental Health affects employees at home and at work. NAMIWalks is an opportunity for corporations and organizations to show their support for those impacted and create a positive presence and let people know they are not alone. 

For more information on joining the National Team Program, please contact

2023 National Teams

AbbVie - Alkermes - AMN Healthcare - Grow Therapy - Kaiser Permanente - NContracts - Neurocrine - Otsuka Pharmaceutical - Rogers Behavioral Health - Sage Therapeutics - Slide Insurance -Yunex Traffic



At Team Psych, we believe in the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health and improving the lives of those struggling with mental illness. Through our partnership with NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, everyone on Team Psych has the opportunity to show their support for their local community by participating in local walks. The walks allow us to spread awareness, raise funds for NAMI's free programs, and move close to ending stigma. 

Team Psych, together, let's take a giant step closer to Mental Health for All! 

Fundraising Goal: $25,000


AMN HEALTHCARE IMPACT - Health and Wellness for ALL

AMN Healthcare believes that giving back to the communities where we live and serve is crucial. We are committed to positively impacting social and environmental determinants of health, reducing inequalities in health outcomes, and increasing the availability and quality of healthcare for our communities.

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Grow Therapy is a fast growing mental health group, using technology to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible and affordable to all Americans. Grow offers a marketplace for people to find the right therapist, with the ability to filter via insurance type, state, areas of specialty, gender, virtual or in-person sessions and availability. The therapists available on the marketplace partner with Grow Therapy to have access to a suite of business tools and services, including insurance credentialing, peer community, and pipeline of expertly matched patient referrals so that they can set up and grow thriving in-person and virtual private practices, within the communities they care about most.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Kaiser Permanente exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

Fundraising Goal: $10,000


At Ncontracts, we believe our differences are the strengths that allow us to create world-class solutions that our partners love and meaningful relationships within our communities. By partnering with NAMIWalks, we hope to inspire all to talk, listen, care, and act about a topic that a lot of us have had to experience alone.

Fundraising Goal: $3,000

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Fundraising Goal: $25,000

As a leader in evidence-based specialized mental health and addiction treatment, Rogers Behavioral Health is committed to helping people reach their full potential for health and well-being. Rogers proudly walks alongside NAMI in demonstrating that no one is alone in their recovery journey. They invite their nearly 3,000 teammates and their families from 21 communities in 10 states across the nation to join in supporting NAMI.

Fundraising Goal: $15,000


        Sage Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company fearlessly leading the way to create a world with better brain health. Our mission is to pioneer solutions to deliver life-changing brain health medicines, so every person can thrive. For more information, please visit

        Fundraising Goal: $10,000




Slide Insurance is a value-drive company that believes in doing both good work and good works. Sliders across the country live the Slide It Forward core value every day and participate in our quarterly Slide It Forward events. In using their talents for the good of others, they cultivate better, more sustainable life for the customers and communities they serve.


        The 2023 Slide It Forward theme is Securing the Future. NAMIWalks represents Slide Insurance's commitment to serving building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. 

Fundraising Goal: $25,000




Fundraising Goal: $10,000


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