Thank you for visiting the NAMI NORTHSIDER’S team page! We hope you will join our team and walk with us or support our team by making a donation to a team member listed on our ROSTER. We walk to raise awareness, eradicate stigma, celebrate recovery and raise funds so that we can continue the work we do in offering help and hope to those impacted by mental illness.

NAMI is a nonprofit organization. Everything NAMI offers is free to the public and only made possible by gifts and contributions. Please consider helping us continue our work in positively impacting the lives of those impacted by mental illness.

Donating through this page is easy, fast, secure and tax deductible. Your donation will help NAMI make a difference in the lives of the 43.8 million adults who experience mental illness in a given year.

And this year, I’m excited to announce that NAMI Northside Atlanta (NNA) has pledged its portion of the walk funds raised (50% of the total) to a Clubhouse initiative for Atlanta, subject to certain conditions.If those conditions are not met, the funds will remain with NNA to support our regular programs. 

Clubhouse programs are designed for individuals living with serious and persistent mental illnesses, offering them hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential. A Clubhouse is a community run by people affected by mental health diagnoses in collaboration with professional staff. There are currently 300 Clubhouses operating in 33 countries on six continents.

The Clubhouse model is based on the belief that work and normal social and recreational opportunities are therapeutic and play an important role in a person’s path to recovery. The basic components of successful Clubhouses are: a work-ordered day; employment programs; evening, weekend and holiday activities; community support; outreach services; supported education; housing support; and decision-making and governance.

If you would like to learn more about clubhouses for the mentally ill, please visit

Sponsorship Opportunities are also available. For more information on Sponsorship and branding partner opportunities, please contact our Team Captain: Robert Gray or 404-797-0100 or myself at

Thank you for your support!

Beth Sanders
President, NAMI Northside Atlanta

The conditions are as follows:

  • The group of persons that is seeking the creation of a non-profit to form this particular clubhouse has formed a legally recognized Non-Profit Corporation under the laws of the State of Georgia by 1/1/2019, and NNA has received a copy of the letter or document from the State of Georgia stating this to be the case.
  • That the non-profit that is seeking to form this particular clubhouse is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Georgia non-profit corporation, and NNA has received a copy of the letter from the IRS stating this to be the case.
  • That by 12/31/2020 this entity has both identified a plot of land or a building and entered into a legally binding contract for that land or building for the establishment of a clubhouse to provide mental health clubhouse services within a 20 mile radius of the northernmost boundary of the current city limits of Atlanta, GA.


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