Pat (for Mario) Eastin

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Getting away from mom and dad!

Striking out on my own!

Many twenty year olds feel this way. They want to be independent and to be able to manage their own affairs. For the past fifteen years our son, Mario, has not been independent nor has he been able to manage his own affairs due to his 2004 diagnosis of schizophrenia. Multiple hospitalizations and psychotic episodes over those years means Mario’s life got derailed.

Mario is now thirty-five years old. He still lives with mental illness. Thankfully he is relatively stable. He takes his monthly injection without the unruliness of the past. He lives in an apartment nearby. Lately Mario has informed us that he wants to become completely independent. He wants to manage his own affairs and to be able to contribute to society. Though this can be problematic at times, Mario continues to be positive, kind, and hopeful.

The 2019 NAMIWalks Southwest Ohio takes place on Saturday, May 11 at 10:00 a.m. at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati. My fundraising goal this year is $2,500!!!! Your contribution helps NAMI continue to offer crucial education and support services (without charge) to people living with mental illness and to their family members! Thanks for being part of our support system!

Terry and Pat Eastin

P.S. The photo above was taken on April 3, 2019. Mario had bought a shirt, vest, and tie and was heading to a job interview. (Note: We cannot convince Mario to trim his hair!)


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