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May 12, 2018 1.5k University of Toledo Medical CenterCampus 
Toledo, Ohio


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NAMI Greater Toledo
2753 West Central Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43606
Mary Finch, Walk Manager


8:30 AM 10:00 AM




NAMI Greater Toledo

A Strong Advocate for a STIGMA-FREE Workplace!

The benefits of a STIGMA-FREE workplace for individuals and family members whose lives are affected by mental illness, are many and varied.  Since many individuals spend the majority of their time at work, it is logical to assume that Mental Health issues being experienced outside the work environment will ultimately impact the productivity and performance of an Organization.

NAMI Greater Toledo has, over several years, reached out consistently to local companies and individuals to help better educate them on how best to support valuable employees who are experiencing mental health issues, either personally or with a close family member or friend.

A sympathetic workplace that reaches out to provide support, is vital to the recovery of someone facing mental illness.

As an employee, please recommend to your company that valuable resources are available to assist the organization to better serve their most important and valuable asset - YOU!

As the demand for Mental Health support services continues to grow at an alarming rate, our need of increased funding for NAMI's programs and additional well trained staff is also growing.  Partnering and supporting NAMI Greater Toledo either as an organization or Individual will greatly assist us in meeting our Mission, supporting those within the community who are coping with the impact of Mental Health.

NAMI Greater Toledo can be one of the resources you can call upon when searching for Support.


Register today and together let's improve lives and our communities one step at a time.

A warm welcome to NAMI Greater Toledo's 2018 NAMIWalks...#Stigma Free




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