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Get the message out: Those with mental health issues are not alone.

All of us know someone - maybe even ourselves - who has dealt with or is dealing with issues related to mental health. Honestly, there are many who hide their struggle. 

It changes lives. It becomes a barrier to our ability to work, enjoy time with friends and family, even simply work towards our personal goals. For some, it can be a threat to maintaining life. 

The MN Student Survey indicated that 28% of 9th Graders and 33% of 11th Graders had a long term mental illness (self-reported, not all diagnosed or know). In the same survey, 25% of 9th graders and 28% of 11th Graders revealed they had seriously contemplated suicide. These students are attending our churches, go to school with our kids, and are our kids.

Take this opportunity to demonstrate that they - us - are not alone. That there are many in our Presbytery that care. Many who want to reduce barriers to getting support.

NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMIWalks promotes awareness of mental health, raises funds for NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, and builds community by letting people know they are not alone.

Please JOIN OUR TEAM OR MAKE A DONATION. Donating to NAMI through our team page is easy, fast and secure.

You are welcome to "walk where you are" or join us at Minnehaha Falls Regional Park on 9/23/23, 10-4pm (was told 11 am okay too!).

2022 Minnesota Student Survey:

For information regarding the PC(USA) Mental Health Ministry:

For information regarding the PTCA Disability Concerns Ministry:

Thank you for your support,

Rev. Stephanie Friant, PTCA Disability Concerns Ministry member




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