Compassionate people like you.  People who serve others and shows up in times of need. Like the people who showed up when I had a heart attack in 2005 ... people from our church (some I never met) came over to bring support and casseroles!   

That has not been the case for families dealing with mental illnesses...  because of shame and lack of understanding.

That is why we participate and support NAMIWalks!  The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides education and support for people with mental health conditions and their families! 

(NAMI also does presentations at places of worship to educate and engage CASSEROLE PEOPLE! (Those in the Sacramento Area - just contact me.) 

Imagine God's people reaching out with compassion and support and CASSEROLES to those who have been suffering in silence and isolation all these years! 

Join my CASSEROLE PEOPLE TEAM as a Walker or Virtual Walker or simply donate .. enough to buy a casserole:)  

Bless you!



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