Hi and welcome to the Neurosquad webpage for NAMI Davidson County Walk. We are a group of Florida Atlantic University scientists who care deeply about the science of mental illness. We work daily to try to understand the basic molecular biology of autism, major depression, schizophrenia, pain syndromes, addiction, Alzheimer's and other diseases of the brain. Although professionally we are scientists, we are also individuals who have personal experiences with many of these disorders. Those experiences fuel our passion for the science and our desire to work to find new treatments to alleviate the pain for individuals, and their families, suffering from many devastating brain disorders.  Please join us as we walk to support NAMI and brain science. We strive to raise awareness and erase the stigma associated with mental illness through outreach, research, and educational programs in the community.

Please note that dogs are welcome, and there will be a dog costume contest!


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