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Mental health has affected our whole family. That's part of the reason we let our 9-year-old pick our team name this year. But thanks to NAMI, the way mental health has affected us has changed dramatically. With support from NAMI programs, support groups, and most of all, the wonderful families we've met through NAMI, our own family has been able to make a journey from "catastrophic stressors" to a "better future in a realistic way". Along the way, we've been able to reclaim the joy and fun in our lives.


That's why we're participating in NAMIWalks Your Way 2022. This event raises funds for NAMI’s free, top-rated programs at a time when so many families need it most. It gives awareness of our cause a real boost, because so many people are free to open up and share their stories. NAMIWalks is a powerful community builder.  


It’s a promising time, but a challenging one as well. Our dream is Mental Health for All and will be until it’s a reality. The cause is personal for many of us, which is why I’m personally asking you to support me.

I would be so grateful if you added yourself to my donor list. Every dollar makes a difference, so whatever you can offer will be appreciated by our local NAMI and me. It’s easy to add your contribution. You can do it right here on my page.



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