NAMIWalks Mercer County NJ

Join us on May 5, 2019

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Sunday, May 5, 2019




Educational Testing Service
660 Rosedale Road
Princeton NJ


Christine Bakter, Director of Development
609-799-8994 x13

Check-in time:

12:00 PM

Start time:

1:00 PM






"My healing happened very slowly, not all at once...My journey has been incredibly difficult, but has allowed me to find my passion: mental health advocacy... I have found my dream career and passion of being a clinical social worker, which makes me so excited for the future. I have been so incredibly supported and inspired by each social worker I met along my journey, which led me to want to give back and do the same for others. Despite all of the good in my life, I am definitely not cured...Despite sharing my story with hundreds of people and writing about it regularly online, I still feel the stigma...This is why we need organizations like NAMI. We need to educate the public and create resources for those struggling. THAT is why your support of NAMI through fundraising and awareness is so impactful. We need NAMI, and NAMI needs you."        

- Gianna Santoro, NAMIWalks Mercer County Team Captain & Ending the Silence Young Adult Presenter
@NAMIWalks Mercer County Kickoff Dinner on March 7th







                            1 in 5 adult in American experience a mental illness

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