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NAMIWalks 2019- Every journey begins with that first step. This year, more than 50 thousand people in almost 100 communities across the nation will join NAMI and walk together to raise awareness of mental illness and raise funds for local, regional and state NAMI organizations.

Each NAMIWalks event brings together people of all ages and fitness levels for a fun 5K walk event. Those who are unable to walk with us are welcome to register and participate as a volunteer or “virtual walker.”

Each NAMIWalks event has its own website, found on the home page of the NAMIWalks website.  Registration is required, but there is no registration fee. Participants are encouraged to build teams and fundraise to support the work of their local, regional and or/state NAMI organization.

Participants raising $100 or more will receive a NAMIWalks T-shirt on Walk Day. Many Walks offer additional recognition gifts for reaching higher fundraising levels. Look on the Walk web site for a link that says "Raise Money, Earn a Gift."

Need more information about your local Walk? Every NAMIWalks event has a Walk Manager who is the primary contact person. The name and contact information for your Walk Manager is listed on your event’s home page. We encourage you to reach out to them and join the movement!


All about Registration

Bypass filling out the paper registration form by registering online. You will create a webpage, which you can personalize with your story, picture. and videos. Your family and friends can visit your page and make a donation on your behalf. Your webpage will also track your progress as you reach your goal. Note: For past walkers, your NAMI account credentials will not work on this new website. Please register to create a new username and password. Should you want to register offline, contact your local Walk Manager listed on each event’s home page for more information.

You may register as an individual, join a team or create a team through the registration process. If the team you are joining is not listed, try searching for just a few letters or contact the Team Captain.

You will receive a confirmation email after your registration is complete. Then you will be able to login with your username and password at any time.

Quick Facts:

Registration is free but we do encourage fundraising!

The last day to register online is the day of the walk.

Your username is your email address.

We strongly encourage each walk participant to register themselves so they may verify all their information is entered correctly, as well as agree to the Waiver. There is no age restriction for walking; however, NAMI requires website users to be at least 13 years of age. Children under the age of 13 may register using a paper form.

Dogs are welcome at most NAMIWalks—some even wear team T-shirts! However, it is best to contact the local Walk Manager to be sure the location where the walk is being held allows pets. Please visit your event’s homepage for your local Walk Manager’s contact information.

A note about privacy:

NAMIWalks web pages are viewable to the general public, so your name will appear online and will be accessible through web search engines such as Google. If you have concerns about your name appearing on a NAMIWalks page, please register for the Walk using the paper brochure available from the event host. Please contact the local Walk Manager for more information. NAMI does not share any of your personal information with any third-party. Nor do we send e-mails other than e-mails related to your participation in NAMIWalks including but not limited to the following: confirmation e-mails when you register, notification e-mails when an online donation is made on your behalf, updates from your team captain or local Walk coordinator, and other NAMIWalks-related announcements.


I forgot my username and password: Visit the NAMIWalks event page. Under the login area, click on Forgot Password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your information.

2. I want to be the Team Captain:

Creating a Team automatically denotes you as Team Captain.

3. I registered for the Walk but I am not able to sign-in.

Please be sure you completed the registration process completely and received a confirmation email. Be sure you are entering your username and password information correctly. Click Forgot my Password for more assistance.

4. I registered but can no longer attend. How can I cancel my registration?

You cannot cancel your own registration. Please contact your local Walk Manager for assistance.

Alternatively, you can be a Virtual Walker and still fundraise! Virtual Walkers raise awareness and funds for our crucial programs and services just like a regular walker. However, they don’t attend the actual Walk Day. instead, Virtual Walkers celebrate their accomplishments by doing something else they enjoy!


Walker Web pages

Your walker webpage is a customized webpage that is automatically created to share information about yourself and why you are walking, to allow others to make secure online donations on your behalf, and to track your fundraising progress. Others can access your page by receiving a link you send to them through fundraising emails (which can be sent directly from the website). You can also share it using social media links accessible on the website. Easy and Fun!

Updating information and tracking your progress is easy!  

- Under profile, click Edit Your Page to update your story, add pictures and include videos, as well as update your fundraising goal at any time. If you find you reach your goal early, challenge yourself by raising it higher.

- Remember to click Save Changes after every change.

Quick Facts:

- Your page will be active for 60 days after the walk.

- Walking again next year? Register using the same login. Your past donor information will be in the same account.

- Want to support an affiliate while walking? While registering, please select the affiliate you would like to support.

- You will receive an email notification each time an online donation has been made on your behalf. You can also track your progress, thank your donors and message new donors through your page.

5. How do I add offline donations to my webpage?

When you are logged into the system, you have a menu bar across the top. Click on the “Donations” button and then click “Add Offline Donations” to add an offline donation to your page.

6. Help! Someone has written something inappropriate or private in their donation message or on the message board. How do I remove this text?

Contact your local Walk Manager immediately!

7. Someone has made a donation to me but I do not see it on my walker webpage.

The donations may be listed by donor name or Anonymous. If you know that someone has made a donation on your page, try clicking Refresh or Reload in your browser. If it still does not appear, check the privacy settings at the bottom of the Edit your Page section of your walker webpage. You may also contact your local Walk Manager for assistance.

8. I see duplicate donations on my webpage from the same person. Might this be an error?

If you suspect an error has occurred, please contact your donor to confirm. Once confirmed, please contact your local Walk Manager.

9. I want to thank my donors. Where can I obtain their email or mailing address?

In the “Donations” area of your menu bar, look at your Donations Received and you can send a thank you to your donors.

Information for Donors

Donating online is safe, fast and secure. NAMI uses VeriSign’s 128-bit SSL encryption, the strongest encryption available, which means your personal and credit card information is transmitted securely. To make a donation online, visit the link sent to you by a walker or team and click on Support Me to follow the prompts. You can also search for an individual or team via the walk home page.

Your donation will be listed along with your name and personal message unless you choose the Show my name to Walker only or Hide my name from everyone options available before processing your transaction. Please note: If you choose one of these options, your name will not appear on the walker’s webpage, but anything you write in the personal message space will appear.

Donors will receive an immediate on-screen and email confirmation of their donation. You will also receive an instant tax receipt if you provided us with an email address. Please add to your list of approved senders.

Want to send cash donations or checks? You can give them to the walker or Team Captain to turn in on Walk Day. Alternatively, you can send them to the address listed on the Walk home page, indicating which walker and team the donation is supporting.

Quick Facts:

- The option of donating anonymously prevents your name from showing up on the webpage and online searches. To further remain anonymous online, do not write your name or other identifying information in the message area as this appears on the walker's webpage. Please note: whenever a donation is made in support of a walker, they are notified of the donation and given the name of the donor so that they may thank that person. If you wish to remain anonymous – even to the walker you are supporting – then select Hide my name from everyone. If you don’t want your donation to show on the walker’s page, select Show my donation amount to Walker only.

- If your company will match your donation, please contact the local Walk Manager listed on the event page to learn how to submit the paperwork.


1. I do not see my donation listed on the walkers’ webpage

If you made a donation to a walker or team, then you should be able to see your donation reflected online. If you have processed your transaction and received confirmation but do not see your donation reflected, please click Refresh or Reload button on your browser. If it still doesn’t appear, the walker may have selected their own privacy settings. Please contact the local Walk Manager.

Information for Teams and Team Captains

Team building is an important aspect of NAMIWalks. Teams are a great way to bring people together toward a common goal or enjoy a little friendly competition among each other. The more people that form teams and recruit walkers, the more awareness will be raised about the need for quality mental healthcare.

Team Captain is the designation given to the person who creates a team for the Walk. If they register online, they receive email notifications when new members register online. They can customize the team webpage and access special online team features. You can have co-captains; however, within the online system, only one person will be recognized as Team Captain and have access to the Team Captain Tools. The co-captains should decide who is going to handle the team web page and then this person should register online for the walk first and form the team. The other captain can join the team once it has been created.

Team Captains have increased functionality in their Participant area. By clicking on the Team tab, they can:

- Message all team members

- Edit the team page with information, pictures, and videos, and even update your goal

Quick Facts:

- Teams are not automatically registered every year. The Team Captain should register each year with the same username and password.

- Donations can be made to the Team or to individual walkers.


1. How do I change Teams or Team Captains?

This can be done in the “Change Team Membership” section located in the Event Information box of your walker webpage. If you need assistance, please contact your local Walk Manager.

2. I am not receiving emails notifying me when someone makes a donation in support of my participation.

Be sure you have added to your list of approved senders with the email you registered with.

4. How can I show team members who have not registered online on my team webpage?

You can update the team’s message to list those who have not registered online. The online system will only update those who have registered online automatically.

5. How long will my team page be active?

Sixty days after the Walk

6. How do I record offline donations for walkers?

When you are logged into the system, you have a menu bar across the top. Click on the “Donations” and then “Add Offline Donations” to add an offline donation to your page.

8. Help! The changes that I’ve made to my team page are not showing up.

Be sure you hit Save Changes after every change you have made. You can also try logging out and closing your browser.

9. How do I find out the web address to my personal or team page?

In your “Dashboard,” click on “Edit Your Page” to view your URLs.

10. We are creating a team T-shirt. How do I get the NAMIWalks logo?

Contact your local Walk Manager.

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