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After working in a variety of mental health settings, I realized that there was a need to improve access to high quality mental health services in Upstate South Carolina. The concept of "mental health" is multifaceted, as it may impact more than just the individual seeking help; often, symptoms extend to familial, educational, or occupational settings.

iTrust Wellness Group was founded with the purpose of removing common barriers to care and improving access to high quality treatment with a clear focus on improving a patient’s overall wellness. Our philosophy at iTrust Wellness Group is that a healthy mind and body will ultimately lead to a happier, more fulfilled life. We operate as a specialized team and realize that our providers and support staff work together to deliver care to those in need and bring more awareness to the importance of addressing mental health symptoms.

iTrust looks forward to expanding resources for the community and increasing accessibility to care. We are excited to promote mental health awareness by participating in NAMIWalks. Together, we can achieve so much more.




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