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What is NAMIWalks? Better to ask, Who is NAMIWalks? The answer is simple: We ALL are NAMIWalks. Anyone who struggles with their mental health or knows someone who struggles with mental health (and we all know someone) can be part of the solution to the country's current mental health crisis by walking with us and talking about mental health without shame or judgment.  

By joining the Grace Loncar Foundation team, you—like thousands of others across the country—are helping us achieve NAMI's goal of “Mental Health for All.” Walking for NAMI helps GLF further our mission to reduce suicide rates among teens and young adults in North Texas. 

As a grassroots mental health awareness and support nonprofit, GLF loves to support our fellow mental health warriors, and NAMI definitely fits that bill with its FREE life-saving mental health programs and treatment. 

Together, individuals, foundations, and agencies fighting for better mental health services can make a huge difference with small gestures such as walking a mile or two and donating just a few dollars to organizations dedicated to improving mental health and reducing suicide rates.

Of course, if you can’t walk with us, please consider supporting the cause with a donation. It’s easy, fast, secure, and tax deductible! 

Spread awareness, spread hope, and join the Grace Loncar Foundation NAMIWalks team! We're changing lives a few steps at a time.




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