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Welcome to Palo Alto University's (PAU) NAMIWalks journey—a journey of compassion, unity, and impact.

At PAU, we aim to prepare our students in psychology and counseling to address pressing and emerging issues to meet the needs of our ever-changing human condition. We believe in equitable solutions that uplift and transform lives. 


We are proud to stand with NAMI to support NAMIWalks Silicon Valley as Gold Sponsors of this year’s event. As the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization, NAMI is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMI's impact is profound and this extends to NAMIWalks, which brings like-minded people together to amplify mental health awareness and NAMI's invaluable free resources and programs. 


NAMIWalks is also an opportunity for the PAU community, along with friends and family, to demonstrate its dedication to mental health, well-being, and fostering a stigma-free environment. Our goal, first and foremost, is to come together as a community and to show our support as the “PAU Mental Health Champions Team!”  Note: Participation is not linked to raising funds. (You can put $0 as your fundraising when you register.) However, if you wish to make a donation, see the “Support Us” link above. If you choose to fundraise, you can do so through the "Join Our Team" registration link above.


Together, let’s stride toward brighter tomorrows through NAMIWalks Silicon Valley. Join our team, PAU Mental Health Champions, and let's make a difference together!



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