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Why support the Walk?  The reasons are simple—commitment and gratitude.

We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of staff and members who fulfill Nami’s mission to provide education, support, and advocacy for family members dealing with or suffering from brain disorders.

It is a Godsend to know there is a place and time in each affiliate where a person can find a respite from the heavy burdens of the caregiver.

Your donation to the Walk will help Nami fund the resources necessary for people who seek wellness and recovery.  It is an investment in humanity!!!

In times of uncertainty and confusion, it is reassuring to know You Are Not Alone!

Let’s team up for NAMIWalks Your Way 2021!  Support our team  with a donation. Together, we can do something powerful about achieving Mental Health for All.

Please help us build awareness and funds, by MAKING A DONATION! 
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