Darnestown Presbyterian Church

NAMIWalks Montgomery County MD

Darnestown Presbyterian Church has formed a Waking team to raise awareness of mental illness and raise funds for the important work of NAMI MC, the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Montgomery County, MD. 

Our Darnestown community has had a couple situations where mental illness was a factor.  People did not know how to talk about mental illness or what to say.  Church should be a safe place where the ill can share their health stories, support each other and swap doctor's names.  It's easier for us to talk about cancer than it is about mental illnesses.  Why, when 1 out of 5 individuals will have or have had a mental illness event like anxiety or depression.  One out of five people also means we all know someone.

Please JOIN OUR DPC TEAM by registering to walk with us, or support our team by making a donation to a team member listed on our ROSTER. Donations on this page are fast, secure, easy and a receipt will be sent to you.

All funds raised directly support the mission of NAMI MC to provide support, education, and advocacy to individuals and families right here in our community.  

Your support means a lot to our Darnestown community, our DPC team, and the 43.8 million Americans who experience mental illness in a given year with 23,000 individuals here in Montgomery County, MD.


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