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Become a NAMIWalks Hero. Join our team for the 2019 NAMIWalks event! We are walking to raise awareness of mental illness and raise funds for the important work of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

On 10/26/17 our lives changed forever. At 10:40am, I received the worst call a parent could receive and learned that my beautiful, intelligent, 17 year old daughter had taken her own life, after years of being tortured by her brilliant mind. Carrie was what is known as twice exceptional. By definition, she had a genius level IQ and her ways of just knowing things amazed and baffled me. She could figure things out in seconds and she never forgot a single thing. She also struggled with mental illness her whole life, but more profoundly during her last 6 years. She fought ADHD, depression and anxiety (and there were indicators of something bigger going on in her mind but not fully diagnosed yet) with therapy, many different prescription medications, and an inpatient stay at a psychiatric facility. She worked with numerous therapists, psychiatrists, ER doctors, and hospitalists. She also self-medicated with substance abuse and cutting. She was tormented by her brilliant mind her whole life. But you would never know that. She would never show any weakness or vulnerability and was very charming and outgoing. She knew how to look “fine” and worked hard to appear so. She loved, and she felt loved. She had many plans for the future, including graduating college at 19 and returning to Kenya to help free teen girls from being sold into marriage. In Carrie’s letter to us she used the phrase, “sleepy baby needs to sleep forever.” When we googled that (with quotes) right after her death we got 1 result - the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I believe this was her way of asking us to help others, even if she, herself, had lost hope. #CarryingOnForCarrie #forevermychild 🎈💔10.26.17 #suicideawareness #8002738255

Please JOIN OUR TEAM and WALK WITH US, or support our team by making a donation to a team member listed on our ROSTER. Donations on this page are fast, secure and easy.

All funds raised directly support the mission of NAMI to provide support, education, and advocacy to individuals and families right here in our community.  

Your support means a lot to me, our team, and the 43.8 million Americans who experience mental illness in a given year



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