“I am a NAMIWalks hero! “ This is the first line of the canned NAMI pre-written story. I’m not a hero but our son IS a hero. He suffered with mental illness for years and fought so courageously everyday of his short precious life to LIVE!  I watched his heroic efforts to fight his illness and to stay alive.  He suffered in silence never burdening me, his dad or his adoring older sisters. There is no one who could have accomplished all that he did despite living with this insidious illness. So he is a hero!  Mental illness robbed our son of the promising life that lay ahead of him. We are walking to honor our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend; and for all of those that have lost their battle with mental illness.  

Please join us as  I know your presence will help us all to honor our hero, Nicholas, Nick, Nicko, Nicky J, little buddy, and Nick Dub.

With love,
Maria, Chris, Madeline, and Angela


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