Family-to-Family Flyers

NAMIWalks New Mexico

Welcome to the Family-to-Family Flyers NAMIWalks page for 2019.  Our team is walking for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, not only because the work they do is very important to my family, but also because of the impact I've seen NAMI programs have on hundreds of families across New Mexico.

NAMI-NM and it's affiliates offer many free support and education programs to families and individuals living with mental health conditions across New Mexico.  But we can't offer these programs and continue to grow and expand as a grass roots organization in New Mexico without your help!  

Other illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease are always in the news and are able to raise huge amounts of money for their causes.  Unfortunately, the only time we hear about mental illness is when there is some unfortunate tragedy that occurs somewhere in the country.  Then, the news media talks about that tragedy, but they never talk about the millions of people in the country who suffer from mental health conditions who are far more likely to be victims of violence that causes of it.  Mental Health causes never get the air time or funding they deserves, despite the fact that these illnesses occupy more hospital beds than cancer and heart disease combined.  I hope you can help us change that picture!  

Please join our team and help us fund raise through your own family, friends and social connections and the donation process is easy, fast and secure. Your help as a team member, and your own donation to our team directly supports the mission of NAMI, and it means a lot to me personally.  

 Thank you for your support, 

Cy Stanton

NAMI New Mexico

Director of Programs


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