Please join Sharon Dunas and Jessica's team.  Help us fight stigma against mental health treatmen the t and housing by donating to our teamm Heal the Brain and coming to be with us at NAMI Walks.  Jessica credits the NAMI Family to Family class with giving her parents the tools so they could relate to her and help her survive her depression.  Jessica feels without this class her parents were impossible as they did not understand and make space for her illness in her family.  Jessica is grateful her parents took the NAMI Family to Family class. . Her parents are so delighted to be part of  NAMI and to show their thanks, they both have become Family to Family teachers.  They are teaching a class this summer at Cedars Sinai Hospital.   .   

Please JOIN OUR TEAM and walk with us, or support our team by making a donation to a team member listed on our ROSTER. Donations on this page are fast, secure and easy. All funds raised directly support the mission of NAMI to provide support, education and advocacy to individuals and families right here in our region.  

Your support means a lot to Sharon and Jessica.  Sharon would like to offer 3 day training's for future NAMI Family to Family teachers.  These training's cost money as they are free to participants.  Please help us to continue offering NAMI free classes to families and consumers.  Thank you!!!


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