Heavenly Walk with Steve

NAMIWalks Los Angeles County

Team Heavenly Walk with Steve walks to honor the life of Steven Gale who away on January 27.   Steve was a very spiritual and kind hearted man.    He a had fighting spirit that just would not quit.   Steve faced may struggles in his life.  He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  With help from NAMI classes and support groups,  The Gale family was able to get help we needed to understand and deal with his illness.   Steve was a member of NAMI Long Beach and attended general meetings and Connection support group.   The support he got from NAMI was instrumental to him recognizing his illness. 

Unfortunately Steve also had to deal with the aftermath of a devastating bicycle accident where he broke his back, neck and ribs.  He also had damage to his throat leaving him unable to swallow.  Steve ended up having a feeding tube.   He began losing weight. In 2017 had several bouts of pneumonia,  leaving him a weakened condition.   He eventually became so weak he was unable to recover.   Steve a was fighter, never giving up hope. He was an inspiration to many.  

I am sharing his memorial video and hope you will join us and walk in his honor


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