Team Javina/ Team Faith

NAMIWalks Silicon Valley

Javina was smart, athletic and had a great sense of humor. She was beautiful and loved her family. She almost died about 17 years ago and that's when we started to notice her mental illness. Having a family member with mental illness is extremely hard on a family. Not many family members wanted to be around her. Her final moments are unclear as the police are not telling us the whole story. She was with a gentleman with a gun and she was shot. The gun was not near my sister when her body was found and people reported commotion. He is still walking the streets freely. He never called police after the shooting and was in fact alone with her body for many hours. I think about this every day and if I can help one person with mental illness I have done something. Thanks to you all for love and support.

Join our team for this year's NAMIWalks event! We are walking to raise awareness of mental illness and raise funds for the important work of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

 Please JOIN OUR TEAM and walk with us or SUPPORT US by making a donation to one of our team members.



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