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   希望有您同行, 一起網上健行,一起呼籲抵抗精神疾病污名化!

   大家好! 10月9日週六是灣區的年度NAMIWalks健行活動,時間為上午10:00 AM,  支持精神健康的朋友來自五湖四海。 作為開發NAMI中文項目的先驅者,華裔精神健康聯盟將組隊為全美NAMI和MHACC自身籌款,隊名MHACC, 隊長為Elaine Peng和Janet Lin, 由於疫情和仇恨亞裔的雙重打擊, 我們的社區受到了重創, 我們的社區需要治愈, 需要療傷,  我們懇請大家慷慨解囊, 積少成多, 讓我們有更多的資源來幫助社區, 非常感謝。     



聯盟網站:  Phone:1800 811 8502 

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  With so many people affected by mental illness in these unpredictable times, will I let any obstacle stand in my way? No way! That’s why I’m participating in NAMIWalks Your Way. It’s my turn to do something powerful about achieving Mental Health for All. 

NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMIWalks promotes awareness of mental health, raises funds for NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, and builds community by letting people know they are not alone.

Thank you for supporting me for NAMIWalks Your Way 2021 by MAKING A DONATION! It’s easy, fast, and secure to do right here on my page.  




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