Welcome to my personal NAMIWalks page. I have created this fundraising page because NAMI, and the work they do, is very important to me.  I am walking with my husband, my two children, my sister, my brother in law and my two nieces to raise awareness for an illness that effect 1 in 6 people.  I hope to raise awareness for mental illness so people don't feel ashamed to talk about their struggles.  I hope to raise money to help support people who suffer from this illness.   My goal is to get people talking about mental illness, and to break the barriers that cause people to suffer in silence.  It takes a village to live with everyday life, and I am been blessed with an incredible village.  I want people to know that help is available and they don't have to suffer.  You just have to take the first step.  You don't have to be perfect and you don't have to have it all together.  There are more people who suffer from mental illness than people are aware.  I want to reduce the stigma that society has placed on mental illness, and want people to know that there is a better life ahead!

Donating to me through this page is easy, fast and secure. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of the 43.8 million adults who experience mental illness in a given year.

 Thank you for your supporting me and walking through this journey with me!

With much love,

Susan Canaan


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