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Participant Fundraising Toolkit

Here are some tools to help you reach your fundraising goal - so that we can reach our fundraising goal of $85,000 for NAMIWalks Your Way Philly. Every dollar raised allows NAMI Philly to continue our work helping those affected by mental illness live fulfilling lives.

If you need any additional tools or have any questions, contact Colleen Heavens at [email protected] . Together we can achieve our vision of Mental Health for All!

General Tools

Team Captain Toolkit How to create, build and support your team

Participant guide - What to expect for NAMIWalks Your Way Philly

NAMIWalks Your Day - Things that you and your team can DO on the (virtual) event day

Fundraising Tools

Steps to fundraise for a virtual walk - Follow these 7 simple steps to reach your goal.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas - 15 ideas to fundraise virtually

How to Fundraise on Facebook - You can easily set up a Facebook Fundraiser through your NAMIWalks participant dashboard. All donations received through your Facebook fundraiser will show on your participant page! Your first step is to connect your Participant Dashboard to your Facebook. Simply log into your dashboard and click on "Connect with Social Networks". Connect to Facebook is the first option and your next step is to click on "Connect". It's that easy!

Participants who create a FB fundraiser raise an average of $150 more.

Your Fundraising Page

How to Update Your Team Page - Update your Team description, photo, goal, and URL.

How to Update Your Participant Page - Personalize your fundraising page. Share your story about why you are participating, why NAMI is important to you. Update your story, photo, goal, and URL.

How to Find Links to Your Personal and Team Fundraising Pages - So that you can share them in email and social media.

How to Register Another Participant - Register another participant for your NAMIWalks team.

How to Thank Donors - Thank your donors directly from your NAMIWalks Page.

Here's How to Make Donations Appear on Your Participant Webpage - Do you have checks or cash donations that you’ve received but haven’t been able to submit to the NAMI team? Enter them in your participants center so they count in your fundraising total on your NAMIWalks Page.

Using Social Media

Use this hashtag in your posts:


Sample Social Media Posts - You can use these sample posts to kick start your requests for support.

Social Media Guide – The best social media platform for you, ideas for posting, what hashtags are, and how to use them.

Find more specific tips and information about how to use different social media platforms to fundraise, by clicking on the platform name below:







Share Your Story Guide – Why are NAMI and mental health important to you? Check out this guide for tips on sharing your mental health story on social media.

Social Media Images

Note: We'd love to share your photos and videos on our NAMI Philly social media channels and e-communications. If you would like to be featured and share your story, please email your photos or video to Colleen at [email protected] 

Signs of Hope
Download the Signs of Hope and print your favorites. Take a photo with your sign and post on social media to show your support for NAMIWalks. 

Signs of Hope - English

Signs of Hope - Spanish

For all images below, right-click the image and select "Save Image As" to save the image. You can use these on social media and in emails to help raise awareness about NAMI, NAMIWalks, and your belief in our vision of Mental Health for All. Remember to always include our hashtag ( #NAMIWalksPhilly #NotAlone) and a link to your personal and/or team pages so that friends can easily join your team and donate to support your efforts.  How to Find Links to Your Personal and Team Fundraising Pages 


Profile Pic                                                                           NAMIWalks Your Way Logo

Social Media Post

NAMIWalks Rally Call- post this as is on Social Media, or record a video of you, your family, or your team reciting it! 


Facebook Cover Photo

Tik-Tok Images for Video Green Screen


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