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NAMIWalks day on October 10 is a celebration of mental health in our community and all we've accomplished as we build community investment in this important cause. We invite you to join as we walk on the streets, or in our hearts, for a world where Mental Health is for ALL.

NAMIWalks Program

9 a.m. | October 10, 2020

Join us on World Mental Health Day to celebrate all we have accomplished for Mental Health through NAMIWalks! The exciting program features Honorary Walk Chair Melissa Gibbons, Rambo with Rambo Photography, Taylor Green with Camp Gladiator, Comedians: Zach Sprung,  Steve Peterson, Collin Davis, and Kelvin Thomas with some exciting entertainment.

Livestreaming at NAMIWalksTarrantCounty

“Walk Your Way”

All Day | October 10, 2020

Connect with your team or community to celebrate NAMIWalks YOUR WAY. Walk a 5K in your neighborhood, garden, do yoga, have a team game night over Zoom.

Share what you are doing and why you support NAMI using our hashtags:     #NAMIWalksTarrantCounty #NAMIWalksTC   #NAMITC    #MentalHealthforAll      #YourNotAlone 

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Engage Individually:

  • Spend part of your day doing something good for your mental health. Be sure to share what you are doing and why.  
    • Go for a walk
    • Work in your garden
    • Do yoga
    • Call a friend or family member who makes you laugh
  • Do a short video message on what Mental Health for All means to you and post it on social media. Our guide makes it easy to get started
  • Let everyone know why you’re fundraising and how NAMIWalks impacts you.
  • Make NAMIWalks Signs of Hope and show why you support Mental Health for All. Post them in your windows to share with your neighbors and anyone passing by. Then post photos on your social media. Use the same signs for selfies!
  • Entice your donors with a day-of challenge. Say something like “If I raise $500 today, I will act out ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ on Facebook Live.” Make it fun and silly – remember, humor is healthy!
  • How are you mindful today? Share a quick video or post a picture of how you take care of your mental health.
  • We all have a personal connection to mental illness. Honor who you are walking for – yourself, your family member, a friend – by posting a picture online.

Engage with your Team:

  • Host a Netflix party: Get a group of your team, friends, and family to stream a movie together using the new Netflix party app. Every time the word “walk”, “walks”, “walking” or “walked” is said in the movie, everyone donates $1 to your walk team.
  • Hang out with your team: Use apps like House Party to have a group video call and play games or walk around your neighborhood. Take pictures and share your team spirit with everyone.
  • Show your style and make T-shirts for you and your team members: Either host the T-shirt party in your home or over an app like Zoom and post pictures to social media linking back to your team page. Do this on or before event day.
  • Start a quest for your team: Have a small prize (a Starbucks gift card, an incentive gift, etc.) for whoever completes the quest first. For example, to complete the quest, your team members must: 
    • Personalize their fundraising page
    • Make a self-donation
    • Send an email from their fundraising page to their contacts Ways to Participate in NAMIWalks Your Way: A Virtual Event
    • Start a Facebook Fundraiser
    • Share their walk participation on social media Do this on or before event day
  • Host a fun raffle: Everyone who donates $35 or more to your team can get entered in a raffle to win a creative gift from you. This could be a song, a poem, or a silly dance you record and post online as a thank you to your winning donor.
  • Have an in-home scavenger hunt: Make a list of everyday objects you and your friends and family might find in their home (e.g. a pink highlighter, wrapping paper, an old teddy bear). If someone doesn’t have an item on your list, they can donate $10 to bypass the item and move on to the next. Whoever gets through the list the quickest gets a special written thank you message, a shout-out on social media, or another prize.
  • Set up a virtual competition: Challenge friends and family to a virtual game like chess, Words with Friends, etc. Anyone who loses against you donates $35 to your team. Post the progress of each match to your networks and online through social media.

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NAMIWalks Scavenger Hunt

Download the Scavenger Hunt Form and complete as many items as you can to earn points. Submit your scorecard to be entered into a drawing for NAMIWalks prizes. The more points you earn, the more entries you get!

Download PDF

Complete the 10 Days of Hope Challenge

Do 10 activities in 10 days leading up to 10/10: A National Day of Hope. Submit your Challenge card to be entered into a drawing for NAMIWalks prizes!

Download PDF

Listen to our Mental Health Playlist on Spotify

Get jazzed for NAMIWalks with this list of upbeat and inspiring music. You will need to log in to hear the complete songs.









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