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Information for Teams and Team Captains

Team building is an important aspect of NAMIWalks. Teams are a great way to bring people together toward a common goal or enjoy a little friendly competition among each other. The more people that form teams and recruit walkers, the more awareness will be raised about the need for quality mental healthcare.

Team Captain is the designation given to the person who creates a team for the Walk. If they register online, they receive email notifications when new members register online. They can customize the team webpage and access special online team features. You can have co-captains; however, within the online system, only one person will be recognized as Team Captain and have access to the Team Captain Tools. The co-captains should decide who is going to handle the team web page and then this person should register online for the walk first and form the team. The other captain can join the team once it has been created.

Team Captains have increased functionality in their Participant area. By clicking on the Team tab, they can:

- Message all team members

- Edit the team page with information, pictures, and videos, and even update your goal

Quick Facts:

- Teams are not automatically registered every year. The Team Captain should register each year with the same username and password.

- Donations can be made to the Team or to individual walkers.


1. How do I change Teams or Team Captains?

This can be done in the “Change Team Membership” section located in the Event Information box of your walker webpage. If you need assistance, please contact your local Walk Manager.

2. I am not receiving emails notifying me when someone makes a donation in support of my participation.

Be sure you have added [email protected] to your list of approved senders with the email you registered with.

4. How can I show team members who have not registered online on my team webpage?

You can update the team’s message to list those who have not registered online. The online system will only update those who have registered online automatically.

5. How long will my team page be active?

Sixty days after the Walk

6. How do I record offline donations for walkers?

When you are logged into the system, you have a menu bar across the top. Click on the “Donations” and then “Add Offline Donations” to add an offline donation to your page.

8. Help! The changes that I’ve made to my team page are not showing up.

Be sure you hit Save Changes after every change you have made. You can also try logging out and closing your browser.

9. How do I find out the web address to my personal or team page?

In your “Dashboard,” click on “Edit Your Page” to view your URLs.

10. We are creating a team T-shirt. How do I get the NAMIWalks logo?

Contact your local Walk Manager.


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