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Dr. Vania Rudolf, Addiction and Family Medicine Physician at

Addiction Recovery Services, Swedish Medical Group.


Join the Swedish team at the NAMIWalks, Washington State’s largest stigma busting mental health awareness event on June 8nd

Dear Swedish caregivers,

It is my honor to lead and represent the Swedish team at the NAMIWalks Washington on Saturday, June 8 at Marina Park in Kirkland, WA.

This annual 5K Walk event will raise much needed funds to offer educational programs and support services to individuals who experience and live with mental illness.

Join the movement and walk with us for mental health this year! Every NAMI step opens a path to wellness and compassionate advocacy for vulnerable people with mental health issues, and highlights the support and awareness we can give to heal and to become healers.

Our Addiction team takes pride in its efforts to provide compassionate, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive care for marginalized people, with focus on mental health, equity and effective interventions to decrease stigma.

Dedicating efforts to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness is humbling and empowering, and we’re reaching out to you for your support and participation.

It is particularly fitting that NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, organizes an annual walk to raise awareness and funding for their most noble mission, as exercise, outdoor activity, and group participation are all effective interventions in the treatment of many psychiatric illnesses. With your support- be it physical participation in the walk, virtual participation from afar, financial contribution, or any combination of these- NAMI, Swedish, and other aligned organizations across Washington State and the nation can do even more to support those who most need it.

Last year, almost 50 Swedish team members raised $5,000 in support of NAMIWalks and people affected by mental illness! 

Help us reach our goal this year and join the Swedish Behavioral Health Services team or creating your own at
Please email in Behavioral Health or in Community Health Investment and Engagement for more information.