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Want to learn more about the Walk and why we do it?

- Join us April 6 for our Kickoff Breakfast at Wolfe Park! Registration isn't required, but is encouraged.


Where and when is the Walk?

-Saturday, June 8, 2019 at Wolfe Park (105 Park Drive Columbus OH 43209)

-Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., the Walk kicks off at 10:30 a.m.  Event festivities should end around 12:00 p.m.. Come and stay for a while! We have 30+ vendors this year
including two awesome food trucks!


What is the plan for inclement weather?

-MENTAL HEALTH is important RAIN OR SHINE, and so the walk is ON, no matter what! 

-We're planning on great weather, but if we do experience a little rain, we'll pass out ponchos and still have a fun day! 


What are the parking accommodations?

- There is parking BOTH at Wolfe Park and directly across the Street at St. Charles School.  

Below, you'll see a map showing parking locations with relation to the Walk Start Route and Wellness Fair Location.


-If you park at St. Charles across the street, there will be an officer assisting with crossing until the Walk kicks off and after it completes. If you arrive between 10 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and there is no officer guiding the crossing, please use the is an UNDERGROUND TUNNEL linking the St. Charles Parking Lot with the Wolfe Park Parking Lot, so you don't need to cross Broad Street! 


-There is wheelchair reserved parking at Wolfe Park at locations shown on map.  If you require wheelchair accommodations, please arrive EARLY so as to guarantee yourself an accessible parking spot! 


-Look for volunteers with orange vests an YELLOW PARKING SIGNS.  These volunteers will help guide you as you park, and make your way to the walk! 


-NOTE: NAMI Franklin County and St. Charles High School are not liable for any items in your car, please be sure to lock and do not leave valuables in sight. We do not anticipate any issues, but just wanted to include this reminder.


Are there bathrooms at the park?

Yes! Porta-Potties are available on site. 





I registered online, do I need to check-in at the walk?

YES! When you arrive at the check-in station, jump in the line to check-in and receive your t-shirt if you've raised more than $100.


Do I need to register?


-Registration just takes a few moments, and is necessary before you can enjoy the event! 

If you want to skip the line, take a moment now to REGISTER ONLINE. 





Could I run the 5k if I wish?

-We are historically a non-competative 5k walk, so the vast, vast majority of people will be walkers.  If you really want to run though, we're not here to stop you - go for it! 

-Just make sure you're running off to the side (on the grass next to the trail) so you aren't pushing through our walkers! 


I'm not sure that I/Someone I am walking with could finish a 5k, but I/we still want to walk.  What can I do?

-Our route is split into four loops (completing the course 4x would be just over a 5k), but you have the option of just completing one loop, (roughly 1 mile) if this is better for you! For youngsters, note that the route is also stroller-friendly! If you don't think you can make a full mile-loop, feel free to walk a little bit and then turn around, but please walk off to the side of the trail (preferably on the grass, if you can) so we don't cause a traffic jam! 





What types of activities are available at the Walk?

-We'll have: free healthy snacks, food trucks, live local music, a family-friendly DJ, a photobooth, children's games and activities, and other activities from our sponsors! 





Can I donate at the Walk?

Yes - we encourage everyone to donate at the walk!

The NAMI Walk is designed to be a fun day for all, but reaching our fundraising goal is equally important, as it allows us to keep our services available for free in Franklin County! 


How Can I donate? 

-Cash: (preferably in an envelope with the amount, your name, and the name of the person or team that the donation should be put towards (if different than yourself)

-Check: Made out to NAMI Franklin County or NAMI FC Walk (If you want the donations to go to an individual or team OTHER THAN YOURSELF, include it in the subject line!)





I raised $100 or More....I'm getting a Shirt, Right?

-Yes! Shirts are available in children and adult sizes Small -2XL. NOTE: it is one shirt per walker.

-If you have $100 or more raised ONLINE by the FRIDAY JUNE 7 at 9pm, you'll be on our list to get a shirt.  

-We ask that everyone who registers online indicate their T-shirt size, but only 10% of people actually do so.  Additionally, NAMI National only allows us to order 250 shirts.  Because of these two factors, we are unable to predict the correct shirt size for EVERY person at the walk. If you are concerned about us having the correct size for you, PLEASE get yours early in the day.  Shirts will be passed out on the side of the shelter house opposite the parking lot on a first come, first serve basis.


I won't have $100 raised by June 7 at 9pm, but I will have raised $100 by the time I donate at the walk.  Do I get a Shirt?

Yes!  If you donated online after 9pm on June 7th to meet or exceed $100, or if you donate on Walk Day, let someone inside the donation drop off area know that your total donation meets the $100 shirt minimum.  They will then give you a shirt. 





Is this event pet friendly?

-Yes! Dogs (on leashes) are welcome at the walk! We will have water dishes and treats available for your pup! 

-Please note that there will be nearly 1,000 people in attendance at the event, and so if your dog is not child-friendly, or is not able to handle moderate noise, you may want to consider if bringing your pup is the right choice for this event! 


Should I bring food?

No need! We'll have free snack bars, fruit and water at the event! Additionally, we will have food trucks available from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.!


I heard something about a banner contest?

Yes! Anyone wishing to make a banner (or poster, we're not picky) at the walk is welcome to do so.  Please arrive at the 'stage' area in front of the donation drop off building NO LATER THAN 9:45am to participate in our BANNER CONTEST to show off your banner and win a prize (prizes awarded to 1-3rd place banners! Click here to register for the banner contest (registration not required, but helps us with scheduling). NOTE: banners displaying rude or offensive language/themes will be removed from the premises.

*NOTE: If you don't want to participate in the banner contest, but still want to make a sign or banner for the walk, go for it! 


Can I bring my own toys/balls/games to the park?

Sure! You're totally welcome to enjoy the park by bringing your own outdoor items! 

-(If you bring games involving a ball (soccer, football, softball, etc.) we just ask that you move farther into the grassy area of the park so as not to disturb the wellness fair (basically, we don't want a softball flying into the crowd at the wellness fair). 

-There are tennis courts at the park, so feel free to bring your own raquet/balls! 

-NOTE: or everyones safety and comfort, please refrain from bringing toy weapons (even squirt guns), or any game that requires excessively loud noise, rough play, or excessive space.  


Do you have a checklist of items that you recommend I Bring?

We've got you covered. Here's the Master List: 

-Sunscreen (it's going to be a hot day!) - maybe even a hat and some sunglasses!

-Donations! (Cash, Check, Card, Paypal) 

-Money for food from our food trucks and various activities/products! 

-If you'd like, don't forget fold-Up Lawn Chairs, a picnic blanket, or any appropriate outdoor games/toys!



What time should we arrive to set up?

Please arrive by 7:30 a.m. to allow for unloading, parking, and set up. Your table number and location can be found on the site map.


Where should we park?

Feel free to park in the St. Charles lot or the southwest parking lot at Wolfe Park (indicated on the site map). NOTE: NAMI Franklin County and
St. Charles High School are not liable for any items in your car, please be sure to lock and do not leave valuables in sight. 

We do not anticipate any issues, but just wanted to include this reminder.


We can't wait to see you all NAMIWalks Franklin County! 



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