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NAMIWalks. NAMIGives. NAMICelebrates.

And NAMIUnites, team by amazing team.

The Denny's National Team for NAMIWalks is proud to be part of a powerful movement. Through our partnership, we are supporting NAMI's free, industry-recognized programs as we advance the holistic mission of "Mental Health for All."

Join in one of the Walks happening in Greenville, SC or in Frisco, TX. It's easy to get involved.
1. Click on "Register Now" and select you location: Greenville or Frisco
2. Enter a couple details about yourself 
3. Select "Team Member", then "Join a Team"
4. Search for "Denny's" and select the team displayed
5. Choose and enter your personal fundraising goal
6. Agree to the terms & conditions, and complete your registration 

Once registered, you will receive information to help in your fundraising efforts before the walk.

NAMI's efforts are making a proactive difference in the lives of the people they serve. NAMI supports the community in many ways, like: 
  • A neighbor finds community thanks to a NAMI support group. 
  • A dad finds resources for his daughter from a NAMI education program. 
  • A friend in need discovers NAMI's Teen & Young Adult HelpLine. 
Our presence counts. It will make a difference.

Together, we are NAMIWalks.


Mental health
affects everyone.

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